Tiger Eye

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Tiger eye is a variety of quartz with a yellow and brown chalking tone. Its name was chosen according to its characteristic colors that make think of the iris of the tiger and its dress. It is a protective stone, both in physical and psychological terms. It returns the negative energy to the one who emitted it and promotes perseverance. Linked to the Earth and stability, it would be beneficial for the knees and would heal the joint problems that hinder walking and mobility in general: rheumatism, osteoarthritis, inflammation... … It would preserve the spine by promoting its correct alignment. Some people even think it would help to reduce bone fractures.

Tiger Eye
WARNING: The meanings and properties given are derived from feedback from users, cultures, and reference books in the field of lithotherapy. The use of stones in lithotherapy does not in any way preclude the continuation of medical treatment and the consultation of a doctor. It's a complement.