Sodalite, pierre semi-précieuse



Sodalite is an intense blue aluminum silicate that ranges from transparency to opacity, sometimes streaks with small white and beige veins. Known for bringing strength, vitality and endurance, it is a wonderful stone for athletes. It harmonizes the general mindset and helps to increase self-esteem. Moreover, it can be used to develop logic but also to capture in a totally rational way the thought, so it also promotes mediumship in this sense. On a physical level, she would act on hypertension and decrease blood pressure. It is finally said that it would be beneficial to help with weight loss. 

The Pure Hazelwood Advantage

Did you know that we use more than 25 different semi-precious stones for crafting our models? We carefully select them for their beauty, but also for their virtues: calming, energizing, balancing, ...

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