Apatite dissolves the automatisms of emotional control and the imprints of emotional shocks of the past. The deep letting go that it induces widens your sensitivity to multiple levels of perception, and thus stimulates your capacity for natural regeneration at all levels. It slows down cellular aging by promoting the circulation of water in your body. It is perfect for people exercising public speaking professions, bringing self-confidence to carry out communication in public. This crystal helps soothe throat or ENT disorders. It promotes listening and understanding.

The Pure Hazelwood Advantage

Did you know that we use more than 30 different semi-precious stones for crafting our models? We carefully select them for their beauty, but also for their virtues: calming, energizing, balancing, ...

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The meanings and properties given are derived from feedback from users, cultures, and reference books in the field of lithotherapy. The use of stones in lithotherapy does not in any way preclude the continuation of medical treatment and the consultation of a doctor. We love using semi-precious stones for their natural look and their numerous qualities (hypoallergenic, bright colours, etc.) but their properties are more difficult to validate. While some of our customers will select their jewelry according to these gemstone properties, we prefer to emphasize on the hazel wood benefits, and we release ourselves from all responsibilities regarding the therapeutic use of all stones.