Semaine nationale de prévention du suicide

The founder of Pure Hazelwood insisted on promote and support the suicide prevention cause, having lost herself a loved one in these circumstances. Here is her testimonial.


Suicide. What an infamous word. People are talking about it more and more, but it’s not something new…

When I was 14, my father took his own life. My whole world came tumbling down, as I had always been very close to him. I couldn’t figure it out. I had so many questions that remained unanswered. I wish I could have seen the signs. I wish I could have helped him.

I blamed him for a long time.

From this moment on, it became a taboo subject in my family. Feelings had to be kept inside and unspoken. For the adult in the making that I was back then, this was a period of great suffering.

Years later, I founded Pure Hazelwood Inc., got married and had two beautiful children. I always spare a thought for my dad in these significant happenings of my life. Every time I pass an elderly man taking care of a baby in a stroller, I can’t help but think what amazing grandfather he would have been.

Today, I rebuilt a family of my own. I was able to forgive my father. I know he’ll always be with me. I’m lucky to have met a loving man with whom I was able to settle down and create new landmarks.

I am glad that there is now a greater receptiveness towards distress. So many people of my immediate entourage have been directly or indirectly affected by the suicide of a loved one – or they have been through dark times themselves. With Suicide prevention centers, these people can get the help and support I would have needed so badly.

I am very proud to announce the new partnership between Pure Hazelwood and the Quebec Suicide Prevention Center (AQPS). Obviously, this project means a lot to me. When buying one of our two” You’re important to me” duos, you benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of the hazel wood, in addition to get two high quality, versatile, trendy bracelets. All proceeds raised will go towards suicide prevention centers. Show your support and wear your bracelets with pride, or give them to someone and show you care!

Geneviève Lagacé

Geneviève Lagacé