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Orgonite (or orgone) is a mixture of quartz crystals, metal particles and resin. This powerful energy amulet is renowned for its ability to neutralize electromagnetic waves, harmonize energies and promote inner balance.

The orgonite pyramid is ideal for dowsing, meditation, energy healing, chakra balancing, reiki and feng shui. It can be exposed to daylight for a few minutes to recharge it with positive energy.

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Peridot & Lapis-Lazuli
Decision Making  ·  Communication
Self-Confidence  ·  Protection
Strawberry Quartz
Love  ·  Anti-Depressant
Sleep  ·  Peace  ·  Change
Peridot & Carnelian
Joy Of Life  ·  Sexual Vitality
Inspiration  ·  Energy  ·  Appeasement
Obsidian & Tiger Eye
Shield  ·  Assurance  ·  Trauma
Blockages  ·  Openness
Chakra Stones
Amethyst · Lapis-Lazuli · Aquamarine
Peridot · Citrine · Carnelian · Garnet
Green Aventurine
Acceptation · Control · Balance
Good Luck · Motivation
Peridot & Amethyst
Open-Mindedness ·  Sleep
Harmony  ·  Addictions  ·  Stress
Green Aventurine
Acceptation · Control · Balance
Good Luck · Motivation
Peridot & Tiger Eye
Perseverance  ·  Mental Toughness
Protection  ·  Stability ·  Dynamism

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