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Holistic therapist, I waited for your shipment with impatience since my order decision. He just arrived three days later, in a bubble envelope. In small individual bags. With a gift product and free shipping. Really, I am delighted by this first contact. The jewel offered, 23 cm, joined my left ankle. The aesthetics is there, the products remain flexible. The fancy beads with ethnic designs, which lie between the hematite beads pleasantly adorn the lapis lazuli bracelet. I made the choice of your company because you seemed to provide guarantees that I could not find elsewhere, I am very attached to the hazel wood / hazel as my grandfather before me. And when I found in some organic stores bracelets without dust bag or in the sun behind the windows, I found this sadly ineffective. Also, I congratulate you for the beauty of your products and the respect you show for them.
Pain in my hand from arthritis has diminished and the bracelet receives many compliments.
Valerie Goard, Sudbury, Ontario

My sleeps seems to have improved since wearing the bracelet. When I wake up I return to sleep quicker and I sleep deeper with vivid dreams.
Sharon Fogliato, Burnaby, BC

I have been using Pure Hazelwood for 3 years on both my sons (1 and 3) and love the products! I feel it helped; reduce my eldest sons eczema flare ups and inflammation in the teething stages. I also have a chakra anklet for me which I LOVE.
Leah Sargent, Prince George, BC

My husband was introduced to the necklaces 4 years ago and has been wearing them ever since. He had back surgery over 20 years ago and subsequently went from a wheelchair to a motorized scooter and a cane.Once he started wearing the necklace ,the scooter was gone as he was able to walk further.The cane was gone about 6 months later.We're both very happy over his mobility improvement.
Madeleine, Edmonton,AB

I have a chronic sciatic nerve injury which causes severe pain in both legs. A friend gave me one of your bracelets to try. I am now a serious believer and just ordered my third bracelet. Thank you for introducing me to hazelwood
Judith Clinton, London, Ontario

I got a necklace for myself and I love it. I also bought one for my great niece and she looks so cute.
Carolee Malley, Miramichi, New Brunswick

I love the pretty styles and great quality! I've been using hazelwood necklaces and bracelets for about 2 years to help with acid reflux and IBS symptoms. I haven't noticed vast improvement, however, these products do seem to have made a difference. I'm happy with even a little help! I love that there are no negative side affects and the products are beautiful.
Ruth Weber, Surrey, British Columbia

I was prone to frequent colds which invariably lead to respiratory infections that required antibiotic treatments. In the past nine years that I have worn hazelwood necklaces, colds are rare and only once did I require antibiotics. I normally change necklaces after 6-8 weeks when I start to feel slight heartburn after certain foods
Alton Hayek, St Williams, Ontario

I love how the necklace looks and feels when I touch the hazelwood I know I am getting healing benefits from it. I also gave a necklace to a teething baby, and will buy more as gifts
Carolyn Garnick, Newmarket, Ontario

I personally love the baby necklaces. I buy them/recommend them to everyone I know that will be having a baby. Thank you so much for your product
Shelley Boswell, New Brunswick

My 1 year old grandson loves the beautiful necklace, has gone the teething period with no pain...see the big happy smile as always!!! Thanks to the hazelwood necklaces he's been wearing all the time! Love them all!
Cissy Chik, Scarborough, Ontario

I feel more energized wearing the bracelets. I get many compliments on them too and questions of where they can be purchased.
Kathy Thorlaksont, Fort St John, British Columbia

Been wearing hazelwood for years now. Thought it was foolish at first, but not now. First I tried a single bracelet for tennis elbow and it worked pretty good. Doctor thought it was all in my head, but it came back after a few days when I accidentally broke it so the Doc can go kick rocks. I wondered why my heartburn was acting up lately and I realized that my two triple bracelets are around 8 months old. Gonna be ordering two new ones today.
Wardo, La Crete, AB

Never saw my child go through teething!! Works great!! Will be using for my second child!!
Laura Dassylva, Quebec

Helps with muscle aches and arthritis.
Rachel Lamoureux, Ottawa, Ontario

Your products are great quality and keep eczema clear for my kids and me. We are so grateful for the friend that told us about you!
Jen Marshall, VA, United States

I have an anklet and necklace and luv. Looking to get my daughter a necklace and another anklet or two. They help immensely!
Crystal Pardy, CBS, Newfoundland

Your products have helped my children and myself so much. I really love the way your products are made with natural substances :)
Christine Lavigne, Gatineau, Quebec

Great product, helped with baby's reflux.
Irina Kaviani, Mississauga, Ontario

My son has been wearing the necklaces since he was 6 months old. Keeps his psoriasis from flaring up and needing steroid creams! I wear bracelets to keep my heartburn in check
Jennie Dube, Edmonton, Alberta

I had thoracic outlet and radical sympathectomy surgery on my left shoulder in '97. It didn't help and I was having so much pain. Doctors were prescribing narcotics that I really didn't like. I found out about Hazelwood jewelry and thought I would try it. I have been wearing the Hazelwood bracelet for seven years now and it has goes enormously with the pain and added a bit to my range of movement. I would strongly recommend the use of hazelwood jewelry.
Sharron Woods, Northbrook, Ontario

I have purchased Pure Hazelwood products for the past 4 years as they have had a significant results in a rash on my neck that I attribute to razor burn.
Robert Perrault, Regina, Saskatchewan

We love our necklaces! We both wear them and order them from our children. Our one son is only 4 mths old and has been wearing since birth. I found these necklaces to be helpful for our first born during teething. My husband advises it helps with his heartburn.
Ashley Van Der Koot, Weldon, SK

I feel that they have helped me with my inflamation in my joints, my biggest health problem, basically arthritis. I also like the look of them. Great for the grandkids also.
Janet Lance, Corbeil, Ontario

I noticed a significant difference in the pain in my lower back while wearing the bracelet, necklace and anklet. I am going to be placing another order very soon as I don't want to live without these now. Thanks for everything.
Paula Klochko, Etobicoke, Ontario

I purchased my necklace and bracelets a little over two weeks ago and have been wearing day and night the copper flowered set and have suffered with rosacea for years and have been totally symptom free now for two days. I am so pleased with this result and anticipate the additional benefits I may have but they are both beautiful and I will continue to use them. Thank you Pure Hazelwood for a wonderful product!
Sandra Trank, Painted Post NY

Thank you for your wonderful product! The benefits are amazing. I wear necklace, bracelets and anklets so have the 5 points covered. My body tells me when I need new ones so I know they work, even general stiffness is reduced, I tell everyone (even strangers) when they admire your product how much it helps me and tell them where to get them. I should carry your business cards! It really helps me stay on top of the pain.
Rosemary Carter, MONTFERRAT, France

I come from a family, who, in our senior years, find we are all dealing with arthritis, fibromyalgia, COPD, ulcerative colitis, thyroid issues and just recently, edema. After my first purchase from you, I found the necklace and bracelet I purchased brought me great relief from the pains of arthritis and fibromyalgia. I quickly called one of my siblings and told her about it. She asked me to get her a set which I did. From then on it was all I could do to keep up with the health needs of my family. :) I have received lots of thanks from my family for the necklaces and bracelets they have received and each is getting relief from their pain. We all think the necklaces and bracelets are very delicate and quite attractive. I want to thank you again for this wonderful, natural healing product that you provide to a world that is dealing with pain daily. It is a wonderful God send too many.
Joanne, Innisfil, ON

I have a severe UV hypersensitivity (not Lupus related) and started using your necklaces in February this year. It's increased my low UV light tolerance significantly and really decreased my pain and irritation levels. Thank you so much for making a product that can ease my symptoms with zero side effects and a great style.
Hadley, Detroit, MI

It helped with general health.
Martha Kelly, Texas, United States

My son's sensitive skin has not only forced me to try different, more natural cleaning and personal care products but alternative treatments as well. Hazelwood necklaces have been a total savior! They really do work. He used to only be able to wear one for about 4-6 months before it needed to be changed but now he goes closer to 8 months. I have been using the Hazelwood on my son from the time he was about 1 and he is now 3. It has done sooo much for him I couldn't be happier. We tried dietary changes but they just didn't do it for us in the long run. His diet went down the tube when we took out the dairy and the wheat. He goes to a daycare where the prepare meals for them. With other kids with various allergies, it was really tough to find things for him to have to replace dairy and wheat that he would eat and that would be ok with the other kids. We still limit the dairy and the wheat but the hazelwood has been amazing! I was a bit skeptical because I never really saw results with amber but I am glad I tried it. I got some for my mom too who is seeing positive results with her arthritis, my daughter uses it for her eczema and I use it also.
Lis Freemantle, Whitehorse, Yukon

Thank you This is Feb 8/16 I placed an order Feb 1/16 and to my delight I received it today! It is just as I ordered no breakage and or short shipment. Kudos to you and your company!! Thanks again
Bev Ritchie, Edmonton,AB

Aloha!! I love your jewelry clleoction and I am also obessed :) I have mant different ones and still counting hah! There's never enough chunky necklaces :) I find all my deals online on etsy, ebay, burlington coat factory, and many more places :) I love them dearly!!!
Abd, Sainte Mondane, France

My son had severe eczema since he was born especially on the sides of his face. I tried many different creams (including prescription) and used all natural laundry soap and no matter what I tried nothing worked. When he was 6 months old I saw your necklaces at a walmart pharmacy in Quebec I thought I would give it a try. Within a couple days his eczema was totally gone! Eventually the necklace wore out and his ezcema came back. I put a new necklace on him and it was gone!
Our daughter is 26 and has battled heartburn all her life. She has found immediate relief and is thrilled with this product. Our son-in-law bought the largest bottles of tums to have on hand and now has not use them for months.
Mrs. Penner, Grassy Lake, Alberta

I heard about Pure Hazelwood from a wonderful lady at a pharmacy in Regina's east end. Early last fall (2014) I developed this skin condition out of the blue and within a matter of about three weeks most of my body was covered with it. I was diagnosed with a severe case of psoriasis and after trying prescribed salve etc. with no results I just by chance phoned to inquire if they had anything that might help. This lady suggested I try the hazelwood lotion and I have to say it was just like a miracle for me. It did not stop it from spreading but definitely relieved MUCH of the itching. As the psoriasis also covered my scalp and it was pretty much impossible to have the lotion in my hair all the time, I thought I would try one of the necklaces that were also available at the pharmacy. Well within a few days the itching was noticeably better but I thought perhaps it was just a case of 'my mind wishing it to be so' and it wouldn't last but I have to say within about three weeks (maybe a little more) the itching was gone. I still have a little bit of the scaly buildup on parts of my scalp but they are slowly getting smaller and NO ITCHING. It was interesting to see after a couple of weeks how the 'wood parts' of the necklace got darker and darker SO thinking that if one was good, I bought another and wore them both! I was so desperate!! I truly believe that they took the impurities out of my system to help clear my scalp and helped relieve the itching all over my body. During this time I FINALLY got into see a dermatologist and she started me on UVB light treatments in January. This has helped clear up the psoriasis rash about 90% but I continue to put the lotion on several times a day just to keep the areas from drying out. So this is my story and I have told everyone I know about Hazelwood and lots of people I don't know ha! I also use the zinc ointment for patches of skin increases. GREAT PRODUCT - in my case a LIFESAVER!
P. Shull, Clermont-Ferrand

I just wanted to share some anecdotal stuff with you about this post - mainly, that I have never had so MANY people I know approach me in person and tell me that they read my blog post about this and want to know more about it. Honestly, in the month of December, I've probably spoken about my to-date experience with this bracelet with at least 15 people, and they were conversations completely initiated by these people in my community - some of them close friends, some of them just acquaintances - but all of them super keen to see the product in person and get an update on how my problem-prone hands are doing. Fortunately, I've been able to tell them that I'm still rash & eczema-free, in spite of the 25+ hours / week of janitorial work that I've been doing since the beginning of December!
Jenn V., Hamilton, ON

I just wanted to send a note to say how amazing these products have been for all 3 of my kids. Two of my boys have severe eczema and I wouldn't go without these necklaces! In fact, I've been without for about 6 weeks and both boys skin took a turn for the worse. I am also happy to report that it is useful for reflux in my other boy and teething with both he and his twin brother. I am so very grateful to have stumbled upon these necklaces in Souris, PEI a couple of years ago. Looking forward to getting this shipment and getting my boys back on track!
Nicole S., Chateauguay, Quebec

I am the mom of a little baby girl that has suffered colic since birth. As many other mothers, I tried everything there was to try, but with a 3 week old, options are scarce. I did not know what to do and her cries just broke my heart. I heard about Hazelwood necklaces through a friend and went to the drugstore to get one. At this point, I was desperate. The day I put the necklace on was the first day her crying stopped. Even my husband could not believe it! She is now 9 months old and its teething time. Her new Hazelwood necklace is making me very satisfied. I offered some to all my mommy friends. I plan to get pregnant soon, and when I do, I will be wearing a Hazelwood necklace to ease all those pregnancy related problems.
Ginette Grenier, Quebec

Hi, I received the Hazelwood lotion as a gift and applied it on the age spots on my arms. They have almost completely vanished in a matter of weeks. It is incredible, I tried all kinds of other products and I never managed to make those go. Thanks a lot, I ordered more for my friends.
Mrs. Thiboutot, New-Brunswick

Looking forward to trying your product and am excited to give the bracelets out as gifts for my entire familly for Christmas. Have heard how the braclet helped a friend of mine with acne.
Stinner Kitty, Granby, Quebec

I have severe chronic pain that goes from my waist down due to nerve and muscle damage as well as bursitis in my hips. My inlaws came across your necklaces and thought that it may help with some of the pain I have. I wore that first necklace for over 4 years, I have only ever taken it off twice and boy did I regret it, I found that it does help with the pain in my legs, but also what a miracle for heartburn. The first time I took it off, I forgot to put it back on, I suffered and it was then that I realized what an incredible product this is. I can't seem to tell enough people about it. There are a lot of skeptics in this world, but I tell them that if they give it a chance it will work as it did for me. I have since bought a few more necklaces, as my old one was getting worn out and I couldn't stand the thought of being left with nothing. I can't thank you enough or really express how grateful I am for this produst, so many thanks for choosing this road in life, if it weren't for you and yours there would be many of use still suffering or worse having to take far to many different types of medication. Not many people I have come across know about Hazel wood, so I will keep passing the word around. Thanks again
Jennifer, Quebec

I purchased the necklace and bracelet Labor Day Weekend and have not taken any Zantac or Tums since that time. I gave my necklace to my son who also has reflux and he too has relieved his symptoms. I have psoriasis and it has not helped that as of yet but the reflux has been relieved and I am grateful. I am a nurse and I have told everyone at work and now they all want one. How do I purchase lots of those necklaces? I was very skeptical when I bought this, but I figured for $20 Canadian, it was worth the try. Thank you for turning me on to this herbal treatment We all are prescribed way too many drugs these days, they have a pill for everything.
Brenda Dufresne-Bendale, United States

This necklace works wonders! When I saw this necklace I thought how can this possibly work? It must be a gimmic. With hesitation I bought one when I was up visiting my parents. My son has been wearing it everyday since we got it. To my surprise with him going through the teething process he is not drooling, and we have yet to experience a diaper rash with him. I am a firm believer in this necklace, and I will definetely be using on for our other children. Thanks for your wonderful product!

Sharon, United States
While travelling to Quebec last December, my 5 month old daughter started crying in a shopping mall. Away from home and unable to comfort her, I ran into a pharmacy and saw the Pur Noisetier necklaces. I had heard of them through some Quebec mommie friends, but was not sure they would work. But I had nothing to lose so I put the necklace on and off I went. Although I had been giving homeopathic medicine to my daughter every day for the past month, from the day she wore the necklace, I did not have to give her any more. I told my friends about it and converted a bunch of them to Pur Noisetier Hazelwood necklaces! Thanks.
Anne McConnell
I purchased my first necklace when my daughter was 6 months old and had one tooth already. I figured better safe than sorry! I did not realise how much it really helped until recently. 18 months later, with all her teeth in (never having had drooling or diaper rash problems) her necklace broke. I figured, why bother buying another when all her teeth are in? That thought process lasted for all of 1 week. I soon decided that I had seen enough diaper rash to last me a lifetime and rushed out to purchase my second necklace. My father has purchased one, for his ulcer and upset stomach, and I am considering buying one for my husband and one for myself. Boy, am I glad I went with the "Better safe than sorry" theory.
Francine C
I am absolutely amazed by the results after 2 months of wear. My story: I'm now 76 years of age and in top shape. 22 years ago I broke my right ankle (14 fractures). The orthopaedic surgeon told me I would eventually have arthritic pain off and on. He was right! For the past ten years, I've taken various antiflamatory drugs and Tylenol. I also developed arthritis in both hands. WOW! Two months ago, I bought a Hazelwood bracelet at Jean Coutu. I had tried everything, why not tray this. For a month now, I've been without pain in my ankle and hands, and I no longer limp! I can only attribute this to the bracelet. Best of all, I no longer need any drugs. The only time I remove it is in the shower and my spa. Another result, I used to have an acid build-up during sleep which would cause me to use Enos as a corrective measure ... no more!
John Roussos, Îles-de-la-Madeleine

My 14 yr son suffered with horrific heartburn/stomach aches/reflux for many yrs...many nights of TUMS and tears and a couple trips to the hospital and they gave me a RX for Zantac!! I didn't fill it, no Zantac for my 14 yr old son. He also couldn't play school sports or walk much because he had terrible pain in his joints, esp ankles. I was slightly (very slightly) skeptical only because he was in daily pain and I could only dream that this would help. How could I go wrong in trying to help my son with an alternative to medication? Fastforward 3 weeks, he is completely pain free, walks every day, sleeps better, lost some weight and is much happier! And I'm so relieved that my son is painfree. I am sold for life!! Thank you SO much!!
Philippe Paccoud
Depuis que je suis tout petit, j’ai des problèmes de régularité. En fait, la consistance de mes selles se rapproche davantage du liquide que du solide. Au fil des années, j’ai soupçonné plusieurs causes : intolérance au lactose, stress, manque d’exercice physique, abus de café, alimentation trop riche en fibres, etc. Aujourd’hui, depuis ma rencontre avec Pur Noisetier, me voilà libéré de ce problème qui compliquait ma vie. Je ne sais pas comment ça fonctionne, mais ça marche. Je suis enfin normal.
Karen S., Paris, France

I have to say i forst learned of your necklaces when my daughter was teething and had diaper rash so bad she looked like she had been scalded she was bleeding with every diaper change, i had tried every cream on the market and some prescription as well, then my mother in laws chiropractor told me about the necklaces and i thought she was nuts to be honest, but I was at the nothing to lose stage, after three days using nothing else my daughters bum was clear and as long as she wore a necklace her skin stayed clear, so i decided to try it on me as I have very bad excema, I have often required cortisone shots to clear up every summer, now with a necklace on i am staying pretty much clear as well.... I love your product I promote it to everyone I see I have even bought them as gifts for loved ones.......and i include the 13 inch ones in every babyshower gift i give…thank you for an awesome product..... i have been excema free for over 5 years now thanks to your necklaces!
Cheryl Chartrand, Blainville