Informative Capsules

Learn everything about the use of Pure Hazelwood necklaces and bracelets

Hazel Wood Necklaces For Babies And Children

When can your baby start wearing the Pure Hazelwood necklace? Should you leave the necklace on at night? Get your answers in this video!
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Safety Of Pure Hazelwood Products

Pure Hazelwood works with accredited laboratories in order to ensure that Canadian, American and European safety standards are met. From the materials we use to the selection criteria of our clasps, find out why Pure Hazelwood necklaces are the safest choice on the market for your child!
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Why Wear Pure Hazelwood Products?

What are hazel wood necklaces and bracelets? How can they help relieve symptoms related to inflammation? Discover all the properties of Pure Hazelwood jewelry in this video!
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Pure Hazelwood Jewelry VS Time

How long before you can expect a relief of your symptoms while wearing a Pure
Hazelwood necklace or bracelet? How often should you replace it? View this web
capsule to get more information about how hazelwood jewelry changes over time!
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Pure Hazelwood Quality Control

We always use the hazelwood at its 100 % natural state. Lean more about this wood, its numerous properties and how it reacts when in contact with skin!
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The Pure Hazelwood Crafting Process

Every product that we create is the result of a rigorous crafting process and quality
control is applied at every step. Discover all the steps in this video!
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Allergies And Other Questions About Pure Hazelwood Products

Nut allergy, metal clasp sensitivity, interference with an existing medication… Watch this web capsule to separate myth from reality when it comes to Pure Hazelwood jewelry!
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The Story Behind Pure Hazelwood

What was initially an anecdotal tale about the teething of a little girl turned into
a natural solution to the inflammatory problems of thousands of people of all
ages. Learn more about the history of the founders of Pure Hazelwood!
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