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Article: Holistic Medicine: Part 2

La médecine holistique: deuxième partie - Pur Noisetier | Pure Hazelwood
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Holistic Medicine: Part 2

3 Alternative Medicine Associations You Can Trust

  Here at Pure Hazelwood, we praise the holistic philosophy by « honoring the whole person (mind, body and spirit) and encouraging people to actively participate in their own health care [1]». Following our first blog article in this mind,here are three alternative medicine associations of which we are members.

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

The primary purpose of the  Holistic Chamber of Commerce  is to connect holistic professionals, practitioners and business to a community of people who will benefit from the open exchange of best holistic practices. All members have had their references checked, making this association a reliable source among holistic, complementary, alternative, and sustainable professionals, practitioners and businesses.


In Canada,  the Canadian Natural Products Alliance (CNPA) aims to gather the public and the smaller independent businesses to form one massive voice in the Natural Products Industry. This group of community volunteers highly believes in strength through unity and wishes to influence the trends of the industry in this regard.

Canadian Natural Products Alliance


American Holistic Health Association


As a national leader,  the American Holistic Health Association (AHHA) s encouraging people to actively participate in their own health and healthcare by sharing their wellness resources as a free and impartial public service. Solely funded through contributions and supported by volunteer staff, the AHHA is dedicated to promoting the holistic principle of honoring the whole person (mind, body, and spirit).

Our mission is to improve the daily lives of our customers and to provide them with quality, safety and efficiency for their well-being. We go the extra mile to exceed the expectations of our customers and to establish long-term business relationships. We provide a high performance, rewarding and encouraging work environment where people want to develop, and we also display ethical and socially responsible behaviors.

What about you? Did you hear about these associations before?

[1] Holistic definition of the American Health and Holistic Association 

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