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10 | PURETÉ | Perles d'eau douce


J’adore le look , un style qui me ground avec la terre.

D09 | Bois de noisetier, grenat et rose nacré

B02 | Bois de noisetier et fleur rose

A13 | Bois de noisetier, noir et hématite


When I purchase something it is usually for my benefit. I do really enjoy the look of them also. No issues here. Thank you...🙏🏻

Je les aime beaucoup!

Je les utilise surtout pour les bienfaits qu’ils me procurent et j’aime bien le look.

bracelet bouclier

Ravie de mon achat, je le porte pour le look et pour la cause
Très satisfaite
Merci :) :)

Pierre de septembre

Bracelet très bien

Great Product!!!

Have been wearing these necklaces for years with noticeable improvement. Had to order online recently as the health store I frequent stopped getting them in.

D20 | Bois de noisetier, naturel et brun

Beautiful product and great quality

Arrived quickly, the diffuser beads work great and i just love the deep purple of the amethyst stones. I would definitely recommend.

Très bien à mon avis

Pour moi, c’est à la fois sobre, esthétique et thérapeutique.

B16 | Bois de noisetier, vert et hématite

Love the products

I’ve been buying Pure Hazelwood bracelets for quite a few years now and wear them faithfully every day. I like the way they look and they really have helped me with my migraines. I don’t get them as often now and when I do start getting headaches I know it’s time to put on a new bracelet. My friend who had really bad eczema told me about the product and how it cleared up her eczema so I gave it a shot because I had nothing to loose, since then I have taken less meds too. I always have at least one spare one that I can change into when needed.

M05 | Ensemble noisetier et perles d'eau douce


Very happy with my purchase.

B07 | Bois de noisetier, vert et bleu

Trop petit

Le collier était trop court je ne pouvais pas l’attaché. J’en ai donc commander un autre

Le look et les bienfaits et je sens que je suis plus calme

awesome necklace

the necklace fits my baby well, looks really cute and hepls out alot!!


Merci je suis satisfaite de ma commande.....

A19 | Bois de noisetier et jaspe Picasso

Pure Hazelwood Bracelet

We love the bracelet and my lil guy is so happy he has the new one. We use it on his ankle ever since he was a baby and it helps with teething pain. Quick delivery and well made.


tres contente de mes achats moi, ca me convient beaucoup