Jaspe paysage, pierre semi-précieuse



Jasper is a sedimentary rock that can take several aspects: spotted, banded, opaque or not. The origin of the name "Picture jasper" comes mostly from its appearance, which reminds a natural scene. It is also known as landscape jasper or Kalahari jasper. It is a soothing stone that helps tempering the excessive emotions and tensions engendered by these emotions. It also promotes artistic creativity. At the physical level, it would help regulate digestive disorders and relieve problems related to intestinal transit. Excellent stimulant to the immune system, the picture jasper prevents infections and would be recommended to sick people to promote recovery.





The Pure Hazelwood Advantage

Did you know that we use more than 25 different semi-precious stones for crafting our models? We carefully select them for their beauty, but also for their virtues: calming, energizing, balancing, ...

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