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A14-X | Bois de noisetier, agate rouge et hématite

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Collier thérapeutique original fait de bois de noisetier du Canada 100% naturel, avec des pierres véritables d'agate rouge aux vertus protectrices. Découvrez les bienfaits du noisetier pour soulager les douleurs articulaires, les troubles digestifs (acidité gastrique), les ulcères buccaux, l'eczéma, le psoriasis, et autres sources d'inflammation.

Customer Reviews

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Bonjour, Je recommande ce site pour ses produits et surtout son sérieux. J'ai passé commande à 2 reprises, je suis très très satisfaite des colliers et bracelets reçus. Je me sens en meilleure forme depuis que je les porte. Merci à toute l'équipe de Pur Noisetier! Je recommande ce site et vais en parler autour de moi!


I have severe chronic pain that goes from my waist down due to nerve and muscle damage as well as bursitis in my hips. My inlaws came across your necklaces and thought that it may help with some of the pain I have. I wore that first necklace for over 4 years, I have only ever taken it off twice and boy did I regret it, I found that it does help with the pain in my legs, but also what a miracle for heartburn. The first time I took it off, I forgot to put it back on, I suffered and it was then that I realized what an incredible product this is. I can't seem to tell enough people about it. There are a lot of skeptics in this world, but I tell them that if they give it a chance it will work as it did for me. I have since bought a few more necklaces, as my old one was getting worn out and I couldn't stand the thought of being left with nothing. I can't thank you enough or really express how grateful I am for this produst, so many thanks for choosing this road in life, if it weren't for you and yours there would be many of use still suffering or worse having to take far to many different types of medication. Not many people I have come across know about Hazel wood, so I will keep passing the word around. Thanks again

Carolee Malley

I got a necklace for myself and I love it. I also bought one for my great niece and she looks so cute.