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Article: Hazelwood and Time

Le noisetier et le temps - Pur Noisetier | Pure Hazelwood
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Hazelwood and Time

Hazelwood jewelry is an unconventional and therefore, very original product that can be used as a natural healing product. Different websites state different facts that sometimes contradict each other, especially about how hazelwood changes over time. Here are the facts on the subject!

Quand verrai-je une diminution de mes symptômes?

How Long Before I Notice a Decrease of My Symptoms?

The delay before you can tell that the hazelwood necklace or bracelet is working varies a lot from person to person, depending on how severe their symptoms are. Some people may see a difference after only one day of wearing their necklace or bracelet. This often happens with teething babies. For others, the delay may be a little longer, especially for chronic problems such as psoriasis. In any case, we recommend our customers be patient and keep wearing their necklace or bracelet as much as possible, at all times.

When Should I Replace My Hazelwood Jewelry?

Hazelwood products have a limited lifespan, so after a while and depending on the severity of your symptoms, all the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules in the hazelwood will have been released. Our customers generally rely on one of the following signs to evaluate when they need to get a new necklace or bracelet. First, the extremities of the wood beads will tend to get darker with normal use, showing that the product has reached the end of its lifespan. Second, the symptoms slowly returning are also an undeniable reminder. We are currently conducting research to establish the lifespan of hazelwood jewelry but for the best results, we highly recommend replacing the necklace and/or the bracelet after about 3 to 6 months. It’s the perfect time to try out new models!


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