Unusual Purposes of the Hazelwood Necklace

Here at Pure Hazelwood, we are regularly asked the same question : « Are your products good for my problem? » To this, we answer that the hazelwood jewelry is an unconventional and therefore, very original product that can be used as a natural healing product, but that is not a medicine to cure every illness!

Thousands of satisfied customers have testified about the efficiency of the necklaces and bracelets made with hazelwood from the Canadian boreal forest to relieve several ailments :

This list of conditions related to inflammation represents the majority of  testimonials collected by Pure Hazelwood for more than 17 years. However, there are times when customers tell us about the most unusual uses of the necklace! Here are a few examples of feedbacks we received over the years.


Le noisetier pour votre animal domestique


For a pet

Yes! Dogs and cats, like humans, can suffer from inflammation. Joint pain, poor digestion, itchy skin…  necklace threaded by us on elastic string and put on the animal’s neck can do wonders! A man has once contacted us to express his disbelief when his 13-year-old dog started walking again despite being impaired by severe arthritis.



For Hemorrhoids and Constipation

These very painful problems can make your life miserable when they are recurrent. A woman from Blainville, Quebec told us how she had been dealing with a serious problem of hemorrhoids following an operation. An uncomfortable situation that lasted about 12 years and for which she feared a new operation…. JUntil a friend recommended the Pure Hazelwood bracelet to her. A few months later, no more pain! As our client says herself : « I can go out without being afraid of pain (…) I cannot imagine living without this product! »

Very few written testimonials have been submitted to us regarding the wearing of the Pure Hazelwood necklace or bracelet to relieve constipation. Yet, many customers come to our head office and certify that they are done for good with this problem… As long as they do not forget to replace the jewelry every three to six months!


     Le noisetier pour soulager les hémorroïdes

Noisetier pour votre rétablissement


For a Speedy Recovery

The most striking testimonials often come from clients who say they have benefited of the hazelwood necklace or bracelet to get well, following an operation or an accident. Mrs. Bourgeois, a pharmacy technician, was trampled by a horse a few years ago. She says the Pure Hazelwood jewelry has helped her alleviate her pain throughout her recovery, despite the skepticism of her doctors. Today, she has fully recovered and she can finally achieve her dream of riding a racehorse on a professional circuit!



For You?

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