S91 | Labradorite & charoite diffuser S91 | Labradorite & charoite diffuser
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S91 | Labradorite & charoite diffuser

Single Bracelets

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E15 | Hazel wood & charoite E15 | Hazel wood & charoite
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E15 | Hazel wood & charoite

Kids Necklaces (14")

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Discover the strengths of Pure Hazelwood products

1. Safety first! 

Pure Hazelwood is committed to providing safe products at all times for both adults and children. Their clasps have been chosen for this purpose.

2. Superior efficiency wood

The scientific research conducted by Pure Hazelwood as well as the many years of experience of the company allowed him to measure the influence of variables like the color or the diameter of the pieces of wood on the effectiveness of the jewels. Harvesters follow a rigorous process when selecting hazelnut twigs to meet the quality criteria established by Pur Noisetier. This unique way of doing things sets it apart from other manufacturers in the same market.

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