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Z04 | CANCER | Moonstone

From June 22 to July 22

Size Chart

Our 11" (28 cm) necklaces usually fit children up to 2 years old. Make sure the necklace stays under the baby’s chin so they won’t be able to put it into their mouth. You should be able to place two fingers between the necklace and the baby’s neck. We suggest 13" (33 cm) necklaces for children between 2 and 4, and 14" (36 cm) necklaces for children 4 to 10.

For adults:
Bracelet Size Chart
Snuggly wrap a measuring tape around your wrist and refer to the chart above. Most popular sizes are 7" (18 cm) for women and 8" (20 cm) for men. Many women like to wear the 9" (23 cm) bracelet as an anklet. There may be a difference of 0.25" from one model to another (so for example, a 7" bracelet may measure from 6.75" to 7.25").

The bracelet has to be as close as possible to the skin, but not too tight, otherwise you won’t be comfortable with it and the elastic could lose its resistance over time. When in doubt, we suggest measuring your wrist and choosing the larger size.

For safety reasons, we do not recommend bracelets for 3 year olds and under. 
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Proudly show your astrological sign by wearing our therapeutic diffuser bracelet duo, made with 100% natural Canadian hazel wood, genuine moonstones representing the CANCER star sign, and lava stones on which you can apply your favorite essential oil.

The astrological sign of Cancer is related to people born between June 22 and July 22. The natives are attentive to the well-being of their relatives. They fear insecurity and tend to shy away from arguments. They find it difficult to evolve in a sometimes hard and realistic world. They seek tranquility and fulfillment at all costs. In love as in friendship, Cancer is ready for anything, but doesn't forgive easily.

Moonstone helps relieve Cancer's inner tension by stabilizing their sometimes erratic and dramatic sensations. It accompanies them in the healing of their emotional wounds.

Z04 | CANCER | Moonstone
Z04 | CANCER | Moonstone Sale price$26.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Trés joli

J'adore ce bracelet qui me correspond vraiment !

Claude Bouchard

Very nice bracelet combo. It’s interesting that (to me, anyway) neither bracelet is a must-have on its own, but together they provide an appealing look that is stylish and masculine. I’ve received many compliments on them. I can’t speak to the health benefits of this item on its own as I also wear a second hazelwood bracelet and a necklace everyday.

Jany-Claude Désalliers

J’adore mon bracelet. Étant cancer de signe lunaire et solaire, ce produit était fait pour moi! Je me sens vraiment mieux depuis que je le porte et il est si beau!