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We use the following stones in our therapeutic necklaces and bracelets to help with fertility: pregnancy, birth, hormones... Click on each stone name to access its jewelry line, combining the qualities of genuine natural stones to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect of the hazel wood.
Aventurine is a stone of prosperity. Very positive, it calms hormonal irritability. It regulates growth and heals the urogenital system. It is also used to soothe nausea related to pregnancy.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is a love stone which helps to improve fertility in women. Its gentle and benevolent energy allows, among other things, to treat sexual dysfunctions. It is also excellent for accompanying pregnancy by balancing emotions and reducing hormone stress. It also helps to improve the functioning of the reproductive system. Finally, it strengthens the deep bond between a mother and her unborn baby.
Garnet helps circulate energy and stimulates the sexual organs. It emanates positive energy and dissolves blockages in couple sexuality.

Aquamarine has always been associated with fertility and pregnancy. It behaves like a protective stone during gestation. It brings luck and strength to the mother-to-be and reduces the risk of miscarriages and deformities. It is recommended to wear it from conception to delivery.
Lapis-lazuli promotes communication between a mother and her unborn child. It gives the mother all the strength necessary for childbirth and spares her the mood swings linked to hormones.

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The meanings and properties given are derived from feedback from users, cultures, and reference books in the field of lithotherapy. The use of stones in lithotherapy does not in any way preclude the continuation of medical treatment and the consultation of a doctor.

We love using semi-precious stones for their natural look and their numerous qualities (hypoallergenic, bright colours, etc.) but their properties are more difficult to validate. While some of our customers will select their jewelry according to these gemstone properties, we prefer to emphasize on the hazel wood benefits, and we release ourselves from all responsibilities regarding the therapeutic use of all stones.