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Article: Hazelwood and its anti-inflammatory potential

Le noisetier et son potentiel anti-inflammatoire - Pur Noisetier | Pure Hazelwood

Hazelwood and its anti-inflammatory potential

Quebec : Cegep of Lévis-Lauzon - TransBIOTech

Pure Hazelwood, a company from Sherbrooke (Quebec) sells natural health products, made from hazel wood, which help relieve pain of inflammatory origin. The company has partnered with TransBIOTech to verify the properties and bioactivity of hazel wood. The first tests have shown that the hazelwood extracts obtained for Pure Hazelwood are very rich in polyphenols and have an antioxidant, antibacterial and possibly anti-inflammatory effect.

Thanks to an innovation enhancement grant and an applied research and development grant, TransBIOTech associated with Cegep Lévis-Lauzon is helping Pure Hazelwood to evaluate and understand the skin anti-inflammatory efficacy of its product in in vitro models. To this end, they will examine a wide range of inflammation mediators to measure the anti-inflammatory effect of the extracts. The results of his research will greatly add to the value and credibility of new products designed by the company.

“For Pure Hazelwood, the expertise provided by TransBiotech is essential to rigorously characterize the biological and chemical properties of native hazel wood in Quebec. After barely a year and a half of collaboration, the research results have already helped the company to improve its internal management, operation, production and marketing methods. In the medium term, they will also enable it to pursue its mission of improving the daily quality of life of its customers by optimizing its current range of safe, effective and quality health products and by launching new topical and natural products. Finally, these results will give it a definite competitive advantage in its main markets and allow it to penetrate new markets with high added value. »

– Pure Hazelwood

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