3 reasons to wear the Pure Hazelwood ankle bracelet

Did you know that Pure Hazelwood offered not only  necklaces and bracelets, but as well ankle bracelets? Here are the top 3 reasons that will make you want to try them out right away!

1)      An adjustable size

Many of our customers wish to offer a Pure Hazelwood necklace or bracelet as a gift, but are afraid of getting the wrong size. The ankle bracelet fits most teens and adults, thanks to its adjustable chain – from 9 ½ to 10 ½ inch. It’s the perfect shower gift for a mom-to-be with swollen ankles at the end of her pregnancy! Our clients whose ankles tend to swell after everlasting days also appreciate the adjustable chain..




2)      Great discretion

You like Pure Hazelwood products but are not allowed to wear visible jewelry at work? You don’t like to wear necklaces or wrist bracelets? You’ll love the ankle bracelet! Remember that the effectiveness of the hazelwood does not depend on its location! Just make sure you wear it in contact with your skin at all times.

3)     A perfect summer look!

Temperature is rising… Grab your flip-flops, have that pedicure... and wear the Pure Hazelwood anklet! Our range now includes more than 15 ankle bracelets, including  our new Chakra Collection. As low as $12.99, the Pure Hazelwood ankle bracelet could easily become your summer favorite!



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A few of our available models.


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