Summer Care for Pure Hazelwood Jewelry

The arrival of the warmer season brings a lot of questions about Pure Hazelwood products. In this article, you will find all our advices to enjoy the summer without damaging your necklace or bracelet!


« I sweat a lot in summer. Should I remove my jewel when I play sports? »

Ideally, you shouldn’t!  As mentioned in a previous article, hazelwood acts like a patch, releasing its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules when in contact with the skin. Sweating will ease this transfer. Your sweat will therefore not damage your necklace or bracelet; it will rather maximise its efficiency!


« Can I wear my Pure Hazelwood jewel after I apply sunscreen? »

Under certain conditions. Hazelwood is used at its 100% natural state, meaning no varnish or conservatory agents are applied; it’s the only way it can bring you the expected relief. So, you need to avoid any accumulation of a residue on the wood pieces, whether it’s sunscreen, perfume, self-tanner or other. It also applies to aerosol sprays! When in doubt, keep the necklace or bracelet when showering; thus you will remove any excess that can be accumulated on the wood pieces.


« Can my child keep his necklace when swimming? »

It depends on the place of bathing! In a bath, it is a yes, as hazelwood will not lose its effectiveness under running water. However, we highly suggest removing the necklace or bracelet when going to the pool or spa. Strong presence of chemicals such as chlorine will damage the hazelwood and make it lose its properties. As for the sea? Salt water can leave a residue on the wood… You should make sure to rinse the necklace or bracelet thereafter..

Finally, we invite you to watch our website for the upcoming arrival of our summer collection! The change of season is the perfect time to check if your necklace or bracelet must be replaced.

Have a great summer!

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