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Aventurine - Pur Noisetier | Pure Hazelwood


Aventurine is a quartz with fushite inclusions. It encourages you to move forward and make good decisions with clear ideas. Very stimulating, it enhances creativity. It helps us to control our lives. From a metabolic point of view, it is the best ally of teenagers, thanks to its positive action on the thymus. It promotes growth, helps against skin irruptions (acne, boils) and helps to develop its personality. As a self control stone, it calms irritability. Finally, it would be useful to strengthen the heart and fight against bad cholesterol.

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02 | PROSPERITY | Aventurine & Labradorite02 | Aventurine & Labradorite - Pur Noisetier | Pure Hazelwood
22 | Aventurine & Labradorite

Prosperity, growth, skin rash

Sale priceFrom $13.00
B09 | Hazel wood & aventurineB09 | Hazel wood & aventurine
B09 | Hazel wood & aventurine

Baby & Toddler Necklaces (11" - 13")

Sale price$15.00
Save 15%S82 | Green Aventurine Natural Chip Stone Bracelet - Pur Noisetier | Pure HazelwoodS82 | Green Aventurine Natural Chip Stone Bracelet - Pur Noisetier | Pure Hazelwood
S82 | Green Aventurine Natural Chip Stone Bracelet

Single Bracelets

Sale price$11.00 Regular price$13.00
E09 | Hazel wood & aventurineE09 | Hazel wood & aventurine
E09 | Hazel wood & aventurine

Kid Necklaces (14")

Sale price$16.00
Save 29%Natural Aventurine Stud EarringsNatural Aventurine Stud Earrings
Natural Aventurine Stud Earrings Sale price$5.00 Regular price$7.00