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The charoite is a marbled mineral of violet hues whose name would come from the Chara River in Siberia, where the first deposits were discovered. It is a balancing stone that helps to fight against obsessions and to accept change. It can help us in difficult times by protecting us from worries and accelerating healing processes. On the physical level, it would be beneficial to the heart, would reduce fever and cramps. It is granted purifying virtues on the sinuses, the liver and the pancreas. Finally, it can be used to control bipolar disorder and autism.

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Save 19%E15 | Hazel wood & charoiteE15 | Hazel wood & charoite
E15 | Hazel wood & charoite

Kid Necklaces (14")

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28 | Rhodochrosite & Charoite28 | Rhodochrosite & Charoite
28 | Rhodochrosite & Charoite

Optimism, healing, acceptance

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